About Me

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After working for a long time in public sector management in both Public Health and Local Authority and leading on commissioning and strategic plans for children and young people, I decided it was time to make some personal changes after the birth of my second son. I wanted to have a better work and life balance and to begin following my spiritual intuition in order to help people.  I felt particularly drawn to becoming a practitioner in complementary health and was interested in the science and wisdom behind reflexology from personal experience and awareness.  I decided to go on a new journey of spiritual discovery and retrain as a reflexologist.

I trained at the Contemporary Reflexology College and qualified with a Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner reflexology, equivalent to a Foundation Degree or Diploma in Higher Education.  All of the course units are assigned to the Nursing and Subjects and Vocations Allied to Medicine Sector.  My comprehensive training enables me to practice reflexology on the feet, hands and ears as well as meridian and synergistic reflexology.  I have received specialist training in providing reflexology for those living with cancer, those in need of palliative care and to support those requiring fertility and maternity reflexology.  I attend courses as part of my professional development which fit with my practice and approach.  I’m continually learning from everyone of my clients and their individual responses to this amazing therapy.

I am an authorised member of the Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) Network and was trained by the creator Lynne Booth to use VRT techniques http://boothvrt.com/.  I also use the Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART) http://www.artreflex.com/ in my treatments and I am working towards full ART registration.

As an energy therapist, I am dedicated to improving my clients health and well-being by offering a holistic service which is tailored to their emotional, physical and spiritual needs.  Many of my clients over the years have commented on my spiritual empathy, intuition, attentiveness, caring, authentic and professional approach.  It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to perform reflexology on someone and act as a channel of healing.I am constantly in awe of how this natural therapy can help the body to align itself with its own energy and ability to heal, given the right support and signals.