Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART)

I am fully registered in ART and incorporate these techniques in my treatments.  I was assessed by Tony Porter who pioneered and developed ART and I am delighted to say that I passed my registration exam with distinction.

Tony drew on his experience with the Ingham method of reflexology, (which he identify’s as classical reflexology)  and other techniques which he had experienced during his travels. He devised a protocol which had the foundation of the classical techniques, combined with those which are more common in the oriental countries.
Tony called this combination and fusion of techniques A.R.T. first of all in recognition to his dear friend and mentor ARThur Pauls and ART Advanced Reflexology Techniques® and to describe the application as something of an ART.

Clients can be sure that they will receive the most effective and professional treatment from an ART registered reflexologist. There is a great difference between ART reflexology and the general type.  Only current ART registered practitioners are entitled to use the designation ART(Regd).

Once you have experienced ART you will know what effective reflexology is.

To find out more please check out the ART website page