Auricular Reflexology

earAuricular (ear) Reflexology is safe, simple, quick and effective and:

  • is particularly effective for pain relief and control
  • helps to combat joint stiffness
  • balances the body
  • is relaxing and energising
  • improves the circulation and lymphatic system
  • stimulates the brain and nervous system

The results with Auricular Reflexology can be quick; it can be used alone or combined with vertical reflex therapy, foot or hand reflexology.

Ears can be worked synergistically, whereby the practitioner works the same reflex and links foot to hand and hand to ear in order to accelerate the body’s response.

Initially acute conditions should be worked more frequently with chronic conditions weekly. Best results are seen with short frequent sessions until the desired results are achieved.

Please look at clients testimonials for further information. Client Testimonials