If you decide to book a treatment with me, I will send you a client information form to complete on your health and wellbeing and what you are looking to gain from the therapy.  The first session involves us going through the completed form before the treatment begins.  The investigatory treatment aims to identify the clients vitality and disturbances in the body.

I am still asking all clients to kindly wear a face covering when they arrive for their appointment and I will be wearing a mask and a visor.  I contact each client the day before their appointment to ensure that both client and myself are well enough for the session to go ahead and I am taking regular lateral flow tests each week.

Each therapeutic session is different and involves using a range of effective techniques to feel, detect and interpret the different reflex textures.  I then apply the most appropriate type of firm and focused contact in order for each client to feel and experience the full benefits of this dynamic energy therapy.  The client is always in charge of what they experience and it is not applied beyond their tolerance level.  A sweet therapeutic type of pain should be the sensation experienced.

Most clients initially commit to a few weekly treatments and begin to feel the therapeutic benefits after two or three sessions.  I enjoy sharing self help techniques, which can be applied on their hands, ears or feet so that clients can help with their own healing process between sessions and beyond.  Many clients then choose to continue having monthly reflexology treatments as part of their health and well-being regime.  I get a lot of pleasure at seeing how reflexology has such a positive impact on my client’s lives.

As my tutor, Tony Porter states ‘Reflexology is not just a remedial therapy for the sick; most importantly it should form a very important part of preventative medicine in the same way as regular exercise, relaxation and good nutrition.  It should be recognised as a positive, regenerative therapy for body, mind and soul.’  (A.R.T. The Practice and Philosophy of Advanced Reflexology Techniques, A J Porter, 1996).