Meridian Reflexology

Foot massage

Working the meridian lines and acupressure points found in the feet, legs, hands and arms can be incorporated into a classical reflexology treatment.  Meridian channels and points which will be most helpful to the client can have far reaching effects on the whole body.

Working on the meridian lines and acupressure points found in the feet, legs, arms and hands can boost a reflexology treatment.  It can also lead to faster results and a more physically and emotionally balanced client.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridians are perceived as a complex network of fine channels conveying energy and blood throughout the body.

The energy circulating through the meridians in Chinese is known as Qi and is often written as Chi or Ch’i.  Chi is our vital life force energy.  TCM believes that Chi is the force behind all activity and promotes every bodily function; one of the most important being the formation and circulation of blood.  Blood and Chi are interlinked; Chi moves the blood and body fluids and the blood helps to form Chi.  Blood in TCM terms is not simply its chemical structure but interruptions in blood flow are believed to affect our emotions as well as our physical health.  Hence the reference to the meridians being channels to convey blood and energy.  Any blockage or sluggishness in the meridians affects the flow of Chi and blood and can lead to disease and emotional or mental imbalance.