"I've been receiving treatments from Kirsty for over a year and I can honestly say it's the best health investment I've ever made!  As someone who has suffered with poor moods, and poor sleep quality for a while, reflexology has been invaluable in helping me to improve my energy levels, hormone balance and quality of sleep.  It has also helped with minimising back problems.  Plus when I'm feeling low or stressed about something, a reflexology appointment always seems to help me feel grounded and calm.  Kirsty is always happy to help me with whatever questions or issues I have going on in my life, along with being extremely professional at every appointment.  Reflexology is not just about feet, it's about complete wellbeing! I wouldn't be without it, I wouldn't be without Kirsty."


“I first contacted Kirsty in Spring 2021 as we were emerging from another lockdown. I had been diagnosed with long covid and was suffering from a myriad of physical ailments and navigating the Psychological impact of sudden chronic illness and all the pandemic had to bring.  2 & bit years later and reflexology with Kirsty has become a regular and essential part of my wellbeing!   The cabin is a soothing and restful space and Kirsty puts you at ease immediately with her calm and warm approach. Her genuine concern and gentle inquisition into your health and wellbeing ensures treatment that is tailor made & effective.  I’ve found reflexology treatment critical in managing my pain and helping to reduce muscle tension, headaches and sinus congestion. As a lifelong insomniac I find my quality of sleep much improved immediately after sessions too.  Thank you Kirsty for the service you provide I really value it.”


“I have been visiting Kirsty for reflexology treatments since December 2018 and I think it helped to save my life. I was in a really dark time after my husband had died very unexpectedly and I was searching for help with my grief. The GP was sympathetic but only offered pills and counselling didn’t seem to help. Kirsty was caring, patient and empathetic and her treatments started to lift my mood and gave me time and space away from everything.  After each session, I felt a little more positive and more able to face the world.  Since that difficult time, I have continued to see Kirsty regularly and she helps me to calm when I’m anxious, energises me when I’m low, as well as dealing with my aching back, a whole load of running injuries and various other physical grumbles.  Kirsty has helped me through difficult times and kept me feeling good through better ones. I can’t recommend her treatments enough and I am so grateful to have found her.”


“Kirsty is a highly qualified reflexologist who is continually researching and updating her training and skills and this is evident in her treatments. I have been seeing Kirsty regularly since November 2018. I was a little sceptical before I tried reflexology but I have always been really interested in holistic treatments. I first went to see Kirsty when I was dealing with some emotional grief after loosing my Dad and was suffering with some gut issues.  The treatment takes place in a beautiful treatment room which is comfortable and warm. It has a wonderful fragrance as Kirsty uses fabulous natural oils which always feel like they have been chosen especially for me that day. Every treatment is different I would never have imagined how much there is to reflexology and Kirsty follows her natural healing intuition, skills and expertise to deliver exactly what I need that day.  I love the way I can feel a connection between my feet and parts of my body it’s truly magical. I walk away feeling very light and relaxed. Balanced in my body and mind. There is a true emotional connection with the physical ….and my gut issues and over the time I’ve been seeing Kirsty other various physical and emotional issues I’m happy to say have been resolved.  I love the way Kirsty combines reiki with the reflexology. The sessions are a real treat; something for me that I look forward to and know has helped and continues to help and maintain my health and well-being. I consider my health to be my wealth and it’s definitely well worth the equivalent cost of a couple of coffees once a week in order to have a treatment every six weeks. I would not hesitate to recommend Kirsty she is a truly amazing beautiful soul.”


“I incredibly enjoy my treatment time with Kirsty. Not only is she super lovely but makes my treatments feel bespoke to my needs. I feel calmer and reduced anxiety. Highly recommend.”


“I would highly recommend Kirsty and her treatments to anyone wishing to make self-care a priority and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Kirsty is a master of her craft and is passionate about her work. She is warm and friendly and makes you feel at ease.  Before treatments, Kirsty always takes the time to review my health and wellbeing since my last appointment with her and keeps records. She explains what she is doing throughout the treatment and why. As a result of treatments, I have benefitted from improvements in several areas, such as PMS symptoms, back pain, sciatica, and sinusitis.  I have been visiting Kirsty for a couple of years and look forward to my monthly appointments in the cabin, which is a tranquil place of relaxation, and a pleasure to spend time in, after a busy day at work.”


“Kirsty and her talents got me through one of the hardest times of my life. I went in with anxiety and always left feeling like a weight had been lifted. I wasn’t ready to see a GP but felt reflexology gave me the time and space to relax my head and Kirsty used her skills to relieve the side effects that came along with my mental ill health. I always recommend reflexology especially Kirsty- she’s kind, caring and always gives a listening ear!”


“I had been asking around my friends for a lady who was an expert in Reflexology. I felt isolated through grief  and needed to find a practice which helped me to feel less anxious and to sleep better but was not invasive. I also wanted to return to work with confidence which eluded me.  Kirsty specialises in reflexology.  I had heard about her through my yoga teacher.  After a few sessions I felt restored and balanced as my feet loved me for taking them to Kirsty.  I have a sense of well being!  She is empathic and an expert in this field.  I felt calmer, had a better perspective on life and have slept better.  I have returned to my NHS post more importantly with confidence.  Kirsty is so approachable and sensitive to any difficulties you might have and is very experienced in the holistic approach to health and meridian balance.  I highly recommend her to women who are responsive to holistic treatments.”


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Kirsty for the great reflexology sessions. They have made a huge improvement to my quality of life, I have suffered with a bad back for the last 15 years but the reflexology sessions have given me mobility to the likes that I have not experienced in the last 15 years! Kirsty really takes the time to listen and ensures that the reflexology is bespoke to my needs. I always feel so relaxed after my sessions I can’t thank Kirsty enough! Thank you.”


“I began seeing Kirsty after having some key symptoms of peri-menopause and feeling especially low. It’s difficult to pinpoint what was ‘wrong’ as it felt like there were so many health flags at the time but more overwhelming was the sense that I had just lost myself and was just moving from day to day and getting by. I had experienced reflexology treatment before so decided it was time to pay attention to myself and booked in with Kirsty. From the moment I entered Kirsty’s beautiful treatment room there was a shift in the way I felt. Kirsty made no hesitation in making me feel calm and relaxed. Healing was the key focus for her and she spent time listening, after having read my initial information, and focused on what my feet were indicating. After one treatment I felt the difference. Key aspects of my health were visibly improving and my mental wellbeing was much better. I have continued to receive treatment from Kirsty – it is quite possibly one of the best decisions I have made for myself health-wise. I look back to how I was before I began and realise that I actually wasn’t in a good place at all. Reflexology has given me back ‘myself’. Less brain fog, reduced anxiety, my cycle has regulated, no more significant dizzy spells and I feel calm and collected rather than stressed and worried. I couldn’t recommend Kirsty enough!”


“Kirsty is the absolute best reflexologist that I’ve ever known. I have had reflexology by lots of different people but never anywhere up to the standards of Kirsty’s great skills. I would never go anywhere else and always feel more balanced and rejuvenated afterwards.”


“Always a wonderful treatment with Kirsty, who you can tell has a passion for her craft and cares deeply for the wellbeing of her clients. I always leave feeling both relaxed and energised. Perfect!”


“I initially went to see Kirsty about a specific sinus problem I had been experiencing for a couple of years; after two sessions with Kirsty this issue was totally resolved.  I now look forward to my monthly reflexology appointments and always walk away from my session with an enhanced sense of positivity, peace and well being.  Kirsty not only has a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills in relation to reflexology but also works in a holistic way to provide an enjoyable/ relaxing/ uplifting/ healing experience to reflect the need at any given time. She is very passionate about what she can offer to clients and works with kindness and understanding.  I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty in the knowledge that she provides something very special in her beautiful wooden cabin- an absolute haven of peace, tranquillity and healing.”


“We live in a frantic, busy, and often chaotic world. Kirsty’s extraordinary skills in reflexology practice and reiki have helped realign my body’s energy and address a number of issues including jet lag, digestion difficulties and stress.  She effectively explains the treatment with clarity and suggests self help techniques. Her cabin is an oasis of peace, tranquillity and positivity.  I unreservedly recommend her practice to newcomers and those who are acquainted with reflexology. I always look forward to our sessions. All I can say is a big thanks to Kirsty for helping me get in touch with body again!”


“I would just like to share some feedback regarding my reflexology treatments. I did a lot of research beforehand and wanted a therapy that could address my eczema as it was impacting on my quality of life, I wasn’t able to stay up late at night as I knew my skin would start to get irritated, I felt quite tired during the day as my sleep was not of a good quality. Once I started seeing Kirsty there was a gradual improvement in my symptoms and I started to feel more relaxed and more calm within myself. My sleep improved and most dramatically, my eczema symptoms were a lot less frequent and my skin was less prone to itching. Kirsty gave me a lot of guidance around other things I could try to control my symptoms and these worked! I sincerely recommend Kirsty to anyone with this type of condition as it really helps!  You have made me feel a lot better in the last year I have been having treatments, I feel like a new man!’  Thanks for everything Kirsty, it has really changed my life!”


“A wonderful touch, intuition, and interpretation of what is going on…is what Kirsty is able to do when she meets my feet.  Over the course of 3 months my knee pain, headaches, crunchy shoulders and general well-being have improved immensely.  Kirsty’s log cabin is warm, cosy and calm and she has the ability to make one feel relaxed and valued. It’s a lovely experience that I always look forward to.”


“I love my sessions – I know after seeing Kirsty I’ll feel more relaxed, and get the best night sleep! She is warm and friendly, and has the most amazing hands & techniques! Which have helped me with many gripes, pain & stress relief.  The cabin where Kirsty undertakes the treatments is a lovely, comfortable and relaxing space.”


“I’ve been seeing Kirsty now for nearly six months and continue to be amazed by the immediate and long term benefits I have felt following her expert treatments.  I first visited after a winter of poor health.  I have underlying mobility and muscular restrictions due to a previous serious illness, and my immune system seems weakened following   successive chest infections last winter.  I was keen to do all I could to improve my health and a friend recommended Kirsty.  I  have had reflexology in the past with benefit, but I believe Kirsty’s holistic approach and skilful treatment is by far the best I have received.  Kirsty has created a very welcoming and relaxing space in her cabin; she is an excellent listener and thoughtful in how she diagnoses and selects the best ways of working during the session.  She  is  respectful and sensitive towards her clients and is keen for feedback so that she can try and ensure clients gain maximum  benefit from her treatment. Kirsty has a calm and considered approach and is generous in sharing her knowledge and ideas to help her clients continue to help themselves achieve balance in body, mind and personal well-being. She is a positive and sensitive person with a keen desire to continue to develop her knowledge and skills so that she can offer her clients the best treatments from a range of holistic therapies.  I have never felt under pressure to continue with treatments, but I believe my monthly visit to Kirsty is definitely helping me to keep well.  I have recommended Kirsty to several friends who have been looking for ways to improve aspects of their health and well-being;   without exception, they have all been similarly impressed by their time with Kirsty, commenting on her kind and thoughtful approach and the benefits they have felt after treatment.  I have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty to others who are open to find ways of helping improve their health and wellbeing.”


“Even if I wasn’t able to call Kirsty a very good friend which I am thankful I can, there is no mistaking the fact that Kirsty has studied and mastered her craft to a very high level and is truly at the top of her game. Not only is she hugely personable, kind, patient and in tune with you as a person first and foremost, then comes the actual treatment that is second to none, magic.  At one point I had to ask Kirsty if she had actually taken the pressure off when in fact she hadn’t, she had simply been able to find the trigger point and dilute the pain and stress it was causing.  I would hugely recommend her to anyone who suffers from pain, stress and anxiety, or anyone simply unable to put their finger on what is wrong but knowing they are not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and need help picking themselves up.  You will come out feeling lighter and wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.”


“I would like to give a massive thanks to Kirsty for my reflexology treatments to date, she has incredible knowledge on the body and how to diagnose problem areas. She always takes the time to tailor a bespoke session and review how I feel and what I need. She even teaches me techniques I can use at home allowing me to serve myself and understand my body better. As a result I have increased awareness of my own body from these sessions.  I originally decided to go to Kirsty as my feet always felt tired and weighed down and I had a number of issues with my digestion, skin, energy levels and focus so wanted to get more of a balance with my health overall. I usually arrive straight from work with a busy mind where I can be overthinking but within 5 minutes of Kirsty’s treatment I am relaxed and have that peaceful ‘me time’ in the cabin! The sessions leave me incredibly relaxed on the evening of my treatment and full of energy the next day.  I have occasionally shown up to my regular appointments with extra issues such as headaches, allergic reactions, and a runny nose. At the beginning of the session Kirsty has managed to clear these issues that I may have had for days, I was very pleased how quickly she could treat me on these symptoms. Over the course of the treatments my feet no longer feel heavy or tired, my energy levels have returned to normal, I have more focus and my digestion has hugely improved.  I look forward to each of my treatments and would happily recommend Kirsty as a Reflexologist and as a friendly, knowledgeable therapist.”


“I visit Complete reflexology to help with my back pain. Being in the cabin is a unique experience. I feel at ease as soon as I arrive. Kirsty is passionate about the well being of her patients and will tailor the treatment to my needs. I have had treatment on my hands, ears and most recently feet. The results I get are genuinely exceptional. I thoroughly recommend a visit to Kirsty.”


“Kirsty has a gift for making people feel great. From her caring and kind persona to her incredible skills and knowledge in reflexology. From my first session in ‘the cabin’ I felt positive changes and she has taught me how to use techniques in my every day life. She has magic hands. Thank you Kirsty.”


“Kirsty is wonderful! From the first session, I knew that I had found someone special. I have had IBS and digestive problems for over 30 years which has caused anxiety.  I have been seeing Kirsty for nearly a year and I can honestly say that my health and sense of well-being has improved. My digestive system has calmed down and I no longer have acid reflux.  My whole body feels lighter when I leave Kirsty’s lovely cabin in her garden.  I always sleep well on the night after my treatment.  Kirsty is warm and friendly and puts you at your ease straightaway. I am very interested in how my body reacts to the treatment and Kirsty is very good at sharing her knowledge and is happy to show you how you can administer the techniques on yourself.  I had lost faith in the NHS and  I wanted to take back control of my own body. Kirsty has helped me on the way.”


“Such an amazing session this week with Kirsty, very calming and definitely felt like I let lots go!! She is amazing and really does wonders for all of my health issues.  Keeping pain at bay and rejuvenating my whole self.  I would recommend her to everyone (and do so frequently!!).”


“I love going to see Kirsty and her healing hands.  I always feel refreshed and relaxed after my appointments in the cabin.  I suffer with back and shoulder issues and since seeing Kirsty have really learned to start listening to my body and focus on my well-being.  Kirsty always takes the time to ask how I feel, creates a plan to work on any issues I have and gives lots of support and advice on what course of action is best suited to my needs.  I would highly recommend her.”


“I have been seeing Kirsty for several months now and can honestly say I am bowled over with both her and the treatment !  When I first started visiting Kirsty, my stress anxiety levels were very high, to the point where daily function was becoming hard. She has not only helped in massively reducing this, but also in helping me find balance both mentally and physically.  She has also treated me for hormonal issues and severe muscle tension, both of which respond so positively to the reflexology treatment.  Each treatment is always different, tailored to where you are and what you need at that time. Its always hard to ‘lay yourself bare’ to someone you have never met, but Kirsty’s approach and genuine care makes this so easy. I look forward hugely to each treatment and use them as part of my ‘armour’ in coping with the day to day stresses of life, work and motherhood.”


“I have been seeing Kirsty for just over a year in the hope of easing menopausal symptoms. Her knowledge and her genuine want to help you is clear. She uses a variety of reflexology techniques and I found ear seeds really helpful.  A year on I feel much improved with my mood lifting, energy levels rising and generally symptoms decreasing. I would wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone seeking support with any health issue.”


“I started going to see Kirsty in April, as I had been experiencing symptoms associated with the peri -menopause, chronic sinus pain, sleep disruption and generally had lack of energy. I had previously had reflexology 10 years ago and knew there could be benefits to having treatment.  When I first met Kirsty she made me very welcome, put me at ease and took a comprehensive history and discussed her plan of treatment. Initially I had weekly visits for 4 weeks and then went to monthly and for the last 3-4 months have treatments 5-6 weekly.  I have had great improvement with sinus pain and sleep pattern/disruption is much less and now find that I fall back to sleep much quicker than previously. Kirsty has given me guidance around reflexology I can do on myself which has appeared to help control and reduce down symptoms associated with menopause. I look forward to my treatments and find that they support me feeling balanced in mind and body and have generally raised my overall energy levels.”


“Kirsty is absolutely wonderful. I first visited her for a treatment a year or so ago, as I was impressed by her level of qualification and the different aspects of reflexology she offered. I have since experienced them all – feet, ears, hands, meridians, VRT- no two treatments are the same as each is tailored exactly to what you need at that time. She is professional and friendly and takes time to listen, as well as making efforts to track your well-being and health and research any ailments or symptoms you might have. It has been an immensely busy and stressful year for me and I have found Kirsty’s treatments, her warm manner and her intuitive nature invaluable for helping to keep me healthy, balanced and able to manage day to day pressure and deadlines. I always feel incredibly relaxed and sleep deeply after visiting her and have felt amazing energy movements during her treatments. Highly recommended – I’d go every day if I could!”


“I had an incredible treatment from Kirsty last week. She took time to find out about me, my ailments, my lifestyle and we discussed what I hoped to get from the treatment. I really loved the way she explained what she was doing throughout and was impressed with how she used different techniques to help my body achieve what it needed; I came away feeling very relaxed. That evening I was absolutely shattered but had a very good night’s sleep and woke up the next morning feeling energised. I will definitely return for further treatments; Kirsty is a friendly, professional Reflexologist and I really felt the benefit from having a session with her.”


“I have enjoyed every element of my 6 week course of treatment with Kirsty, beginning with how immediately apparent her concern around understanding, monitoring and helping is. I have been battling cyclical PMT symptoms for around 4 years since my first pregnancy. I looked up alternative therapy to investigate as another of my jigsaw puzzle pieces, that I have managed to slowly assemble over the last couple of years, focusing on diet, exercise and rest! Tiredness and anxiety, which can then easily lead to me feeling stressed are the main symptoms that I find myself dealing with, normally twice monthly (around ovulation and before my period starts). I am certain that my varied course of reflexology treatment did contribute to helping to alleviate and lessen these symptoms – whilst also identifying and treating some others that I wasn’t expecting to find along the way! I’m planning to make Kirsty a regular element of my ‘keeping on top of PMT’ mission! I am pleased to have met a genuinely caring therapist whom is very clearly practising at the forefront of her profession.”


“I’d always been interested in the idea of reflexology, but was wary of it actually working for me. I’d been bought a Complete Reflexology gift voucher for my birthday and it couldn’t have been a better choice. I went to Kirsty hoping she could help me with peri menopausal symptoms, migraines and neck pain. During my first visit I knew this treatment would work for me.  Kirsty is extremely professional and very knowledgeable, she made me feel at ease and explained how the treatments could re balance my mind and body. Even after my first visit to Kirsty I felt more positive and had more energy, the on going treatments have reduced the frequency of my headaches and migraines, which have helped with my neck pain. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kirsty and have already done so.”


“I have been going to Kirsty for 4 months. I have found her to be very welcoming, professional and easy to talk to. The reflexology has helped me to understand my body more, Kirsty has given me tips to use at home and the comfortable surroundings help to relax and rejuvenate oneself.  It is amazing how reflexology and your body work. I would recommend this service to anyone who either wants to know more about reflexology and how it can help their own body. It’s fascinating how it works and how my body has reacted to Kirsty working on my feet, ears and hands. It’s helped me to unwind from a busy stressful life.”


“I found Kirsty through her website. I was slightly apprehensive when I first contacted her as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but needn’t have been. From the outset Kirsty was nothing but helpful and professional. She has a true passion and belief in the work that she does, and always gives a great deal of thought and consideration to the health of her clients.  I’d had nothing but negative experiences with ‘modern medicine’: not being listened to; told that I didn’t know what I was talking about; ignored; treated like a faceless object / number / statistic. Kirsty treated me as an individual, and took time to actually listen and find out what problems I was facing.  I first saw Kirsty to ask for her help with a long-standing sinus problem that I just couldn’t seem to resolve. After the initial investigation I was pleasantly surprised to find her asking me about conditions that I’d forgot to mention, but which she could identify through my feet (not from my physical appearance!) that I had. I can be a true sceptic when it comes to some forms of treatment, and I’m a tough nut to crack when it comes to the efficacy of a treatment… with that in mind, Kirsty has truly supported me through the use of Reflexology. In fact, I’ve been to see her on several occasions now. I would definitely recommend Kirsty and her services to others, and indeed already have!”


“If you have never tried reflexology before, I would highly recommend it. I went to see Kirsty feeling run down and out of sorts. From the moment I entered the treatment room I felt instantly relaxed. Kirsty makes you feel really welcome and is so professional and easy to talk to. Reflexology has helped me to re-balance and is a big part of my health and well-being regime.”


“I have just finished a course of treatment with Kirsty at Complete Reflexology. Having suffered the debilitating symptoms of burning mouth syndrome for over a year nothing I tried helped ease the pain or inflammation.  Out of desperation I decided to try a course of reflexology, I was amazed at the results, my mouth is now healed and feels normal also my level of stress is now far less than before.  Another, amazing reaction is that I can now hear and hold a phone to my left ear after being permanently deaf for the last few years and having decreased hearing since childhood.  Kirsty is a very kind and caring professional reflexologist and I would definitely recommend her.”


“I finished my treatment with Kirsty and I am a bit sad at the idea of not having a session this week.  From the start Kirsty made me feel at ease and explained clearly what she would do. Week after week, tensions in my body lessened and overall now I am more relaxed and my body feels energised.  I never liked my feet (I know some of you reading this feel the same) so it was challenging for me to even show them. Now that I understand what they can do for me, I respect them.  All this massaging with essential oils means that they look better now as well, a bonus.  Thank you Kirsty, my feet and I will surely come back at some point just for the pleasure!  I highly recommend you.  Thanks again!"


“I would have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty, she is professional, knowledgeable, warm and highly skilled.  I would say that she is dedicated and committed to helping her clients in a holistic way to feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I came to see Kirsty as I was having really severe PMS, which affected my mood, sleep patterns and I generally felt tired all of the time.  She was very easy to talk to and worked hard to devise the most appropriate treatment plan for me, meaning that I started to feel the benefits really quickly.  My mood improved, I have not had many problems with nocturnal waking since I started having treatment and my cycle has regulated which has improved my energy levels significantly.  I really enjoyed the use of advanced reflexology techniques, especially the linking and the meridians.  I have not experienced some of these techniques before despite having had a lot of reflexology from lots of different practitioners! These techniques I felt added a unique dimension to the standard treatments one receives and I am sure that they contributed to the overall improvement in my symptoms.”


“After visiting chiropractors and physiotherapists for back pain I decided to try reflexology. Kirsty at Complete Reflexology carried out a full assessment prior to treatment and together we decided to treat my ears and hands.  As I was a little nervous for treatment on my feet Complete Reflexology offers an alternative experience of reflexology.  I was genuinely surprised at the results. After 6 treatments my back pain was much better and Kirsty gave me hand exercises to do to enable me to self heal in between sessions.  Kirsty’s professional yet friendly approach put me at ease during each session. I would highly recommend Complete Reflexology for anyone looking for a positive and unique experience.”


“As soon as I stepped into the reflexology treatment room, I felt an immediate sense of relaxation and calm with the beautiful aromas.  I started my reflexology course of five treatments, feeling tired and lethargic having heavy PMS symptoms for 2-weeks of each month.  I had never had reflexology before but had always wanted to try it as I had heard about the health benefits.  Following my treatments I felt a real sense of calm, the PMS symptoms have stopped and I feel really balanced and relaxed, the best I have felt in a long time.  I would highly recommend Complete Reflexology.”


“It was my first experience of reflexology and I was slightly sceptical.  I went to see Kirsty to see if she could help me with sinusitis, which I’ve suffered with for over 16 years.  I’m delighted to say that I haven’t had a bout of sinusitis since my course of treatments ended.”


“I looked forward to receiving my weekly treatments and felt invigorated after each session.  To be rid of my acid reflux and shoulder and neck pain – now feeling wonderful.”